About Us

Erdemler Commitment Infrastructure

Erdemler Company was established in 1995. Our company started his career as Industrial Waste Transporters today has become an important company in Turkey with a commitment to conduct business in their business area. Turkey's large institutions, "Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality" and "Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration" of the Infrastructure Maintenance has conducted and continues to conduct repair projects.

Our company was established in order to train, manage and provide expert teams and equipment in infrastructure, which is the most important pillar of modern urbanization in today's world. For the purpose of this organization, our company Water and Sewerage Administration, Municipalities and Metropolitan Municipalities, Roads serve all three main headings in Turkey, especially in regional offices;
1. Cleaning and Visualization of Wastewater and Stormwater Lines in all cross sections and diameters.
2. Determination of faults and determination of the method of elimination.
3. Eliminating faults.

Why should you choose us?

We do channel cleaning, opening and viewing, industrial and hazardous waste transportation, sewage truck works for you. We aim to provide you with perfect service with our reliable service and multi-purpose vehicle fleet. You can reach us using our contact link. The satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us. We do not forget you after the work completion!

We Have Expert Staff

Our company, which is taking great steps towards being a leader in its field by taking the support of our valued customers, has adopted customer satisfaction as its most important principle.

Quality service

All you have to do is send us the location of your request and the estimated job to get a quote from us. If you want to learn about vacuum truck rental prices, you can also contact us.

Adequate R!D Work

The main purpose of the vacuum trucks of this type is to open simple blockages in the manholes and to pull the septic tanks on a low scale. The amount of water and waste liquid that can be transported in these vehicles is low.

Modern Application Techniques

Telescopic suction boom vacuum trucks open the septic and sewer blockages with their telescopic booms.This is not an unconscious operation that an ordinary person can do.

Device Specific Application

Vacuum pump is used especially in all these processes. One of the first choices of customers who have a large-scale problem to get a vacuum truck rental service is to support the vacuum suction boom trucks.

Technical support

In our system, customer satisfaction and our dialogue with the customer are the first priority. It has become very easy for us with the experienced staff in our company.