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Our Services

As Erdem Taahhut, we do channel cleaning, opening and viewing, industrial and hazardous waste transportation, and sewer works.

Canal Cleaning

The channel cleaning process market is ahead of machinery and equipment, and our machinery park consisting of our own goods has adopted the price / performance principle in the market.


Channel View

The channel display process market is made up of machinery and equipment ahead, and our machinery park, which consists of our own goods,


Waste Transport Services

Floods provide services for the disposal of waste in the absence of sewage lines, the transportation of wastes that cannot be given to sewage and rainwater lines to the facilities.


Rehabilitation Works

In addition to channel cleaning and visualization services, our company uses special equipment in situations that cannot be solved by conventional methods;


Waste Management

Our Our company provides services for the transportation and disposal of all waste in the sector.


News Announcements

You can follow all news about the Vidanjör Sector and the last minute Vidanjör Sector news and developments on this page.